Relief Work

We must not lose our ability to connect with and care for each other in this trying time of Pandemic and never-ending lockdown dictums, with this strong thought Project Kalki supported Adhar organisation working with CSW and survivors in the Jalgaon district of Maharashtra, where 50 families of CSW were supported with ration and basic health & hygiene supply. Relief Work in Community: The turmoil caused by the COVID 19 pandemic was playing havoc in the lives of survivors in the community, Since their income source was getting dried up, to support the survivors in the community, Project Kalki supported the community-based organisation like Kasmata, Prayas and Prerna in arranging the relief materials and basic health and hygiene supply. Relief Work with Minor Shelter Homes: We may be physically distant, but we must remain spiritually, emotionally, and socially connected. With this thought, Project Kalki made sure that they are constantly supporting shelter homes with grocery and basic hygiene material supply So that the survivors are not made to suffer any aftermath of lockdown turmoil, Shelter homes were supported by Project Kalki.
• Deonar Shelter Home
• Navjeevan Shelter Home
• Advait Shelter Home
• Bhiwandi Shelter Home

Networking and Partnerships: ACT team is continuously engaging with various stakeholders Govt and Non-Govt organisation.
Partnerships with Shamak Dawar Group, Art of Living Foundation and many more were built.
Detailed List is attached in the drive. Focus Group Discussion: 2 focus group discussions were conducted by the ACT team with the CSW’s in following RLA
• Amalner
• Pune Focus Group Discussion: PK Conducted FGD in Pune on 7th Aug 2020 with CSW in Budhwarpeth RLA, the event was organised by Kayakalp our partner NGO working in the area.
There were around 12 women who participated in the FGD:
Post the FGD women were provided with basic essentials, PK supported 100 families of CSW with daily essentials